What is love?

Did you like my little throwback to Haddaway’s song ‘What is love’? Gosh I love 90’s music. This song especially reminds me of skating around and around the roller rink for hours on end. But I digress, yesterday was Valentines day so let’s talk about that.

Origami heart shape on a valentines cardThis is the card I made for Matty. It’s got the traditional heart, the slightly 8 bit-esque design and it’s pretty simple. If you didn’t know, Matty studied game design at uni so anything chippy and 8 bit is right up his alley. Oh and it was easy to make. Bonus!

We’re one of those couples that do handmade cards, sometimes some flowers and often some home baked goods (from me to him). What’s the point of those cutesy teddies that end up cluttering up the bedroom or a huge bouquet that costs an arm and a leg which is going to up and die in a week? As a lot of people say, celebrating love should be 365 days a year, not confined to an overly expensive gesture for one day of the year. Matty and I figure it’s nice to give cards with slightly mushy sentiments inside so that we can both go “aww”, I love to bake and craft so there’s almost always going to be cookies or something involved and instead of eating at a restaurant with a bunch of other couples, we decided to have Indian food delivered for dinner. HEAVEN!

In addition to mixing up (in the good change it up, not mess it up way) the presentation of my signature choc chip cookies, I also got a little crafty and sewed together some heart parcels filled with M and M’s.

Stitched heart parcels with chocolates insideI got inspiration from Pinterest (seriously, when do I not?), cut out baking paper shapes and hand stitched them together with embroidery floss. I did find it a little tricky to keep the chocolate inside whilst I was sewing, but really these were dead easy to make.

So happy Valentines to you all, even if you don’t have a significant other to share it with you can still feel the warm fuzzies. And hey, maybe you can sew yourself some of these M and M parcels, they’re great for portion control!