Personalised notebooks

My brain is pretty terrible at remembering things unless I write them down. In high school and uni I studied alot of the time by re-writing my notes. It’s just the way I work. Even today I write myself to-do lists (often on my hand which so grown up, I know) otherwise it will just seep out of my brain.

paint splattered notebook

At the beginning of the year I decided to personalise my own calendar/diary for 2014. I bought a hard cover notebook, painted and splattered the front and back covers and finished it off with a coat of clear sealer. It was so much more me. It fit my needs because I made it. I decided what I wanted on each page, how to write up the date and days of the week and how much room I wanted to leave for other things. It’s been great so far, except for my inability to do maths which lead to having to re-do the placement of each week as not all 52 weeks fitted.

Incidentally this video has some pretty shrewd ideas for creating a calendar/diary out of a plain notebook.

After seeing some very cheap A3 visual diaries advertised in my favourite store Kmart I snapped them up with the intention of turning them into something similar.

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Natalie from Smallest Forest both had some really great ideas for creating and personalising ideas journals, and as always Pinterest had it’s say.

paint supplies in the sunA brilliantly sunny day, watered down acrylic paint and untouched paper combined to become an ideas journal for my future business.
Two images of watered down paint
I dipped the corners of a journal and some blank greeting cards into the painty water and then cursed as the pages blew all over my back deck.

But at the end I had two plastic containers that were still full of the paint water. Do I tip it on the garden? I’m not sure that plants really like paint. I shouldn’t tip it down the drain. More paper? Yes!

I unraveled what was left of some brown butchers paper and then splattered the remains of pink and blue liquid all over. Then I again cursed as the damn wind snapped the paper up and down, flicking blue paint all over the side of the house. Goddamn it!

pink and blue splattered art

Last but not least the cover. The journal came with a black plastic cover (and a super annoying sticker that refused to come off) which was the perfect canvas for some silver paint pen. My paint pen may be a little wrecked from using it on cork tiles, but by pressing the tip into a small dipped section of the lid I managed to create a sort of ink well and use it like that.

Journal cover with rabbit images

It always has to be bunnies.

blue dipped journal pages

Opened journal pages with blue dip

After showing off mine to Matty he said he wanted one that “wasn’t so girly”. Is paint dipping really girly? Anyway, I left his pages blank and only artified the front cover. Some lines and a paper airplane. Simple.Airplane journal cover