Look what I made: All the things edition

Lately I seem to be on the biggest craft kick. I have a million things I want to do and make, but more importantly I’ve actually been finishing projects. Not starting and then abandoning, or (and this is the worst) just pinning or writing down an idea and doing nothing else with it.

First was a frame to display my drop and hoop earrings. There’s plenty of ideas with lace or wire strung across frames, or just a piece of sheer fabric stretched to hook the earrings in, but I found the perfect solution with a crocheted table cloth my Grandma gave me. I love crochet. I do. But as a tablecloth, nope!

IMG_1527 IMG_1534 IMG_1535

It worked out extremely well. Easy to hook the earrings in, so simple to display, and the frame was even lighter than I thought because I forgot about removing the glass.

Second project was the completed catch-all crocheted from builders line. I had a little issue with the edges (they rolled in on themselves) but it turned into a ‘just go with it’ moment as I had passed the point of no return. A catch-all plate is perfectly acceptable.


Third project was a knitted pixie hood. Pink Brutus had a very cute and VERY easy method to knit one up.


I’ve noticed I have a ‘thing’ with knitting or crocheting. If the wool looks appealing I’m 100x more likely to keep at it and finish it in a reasonable time frame. If not I really have to force myself to get it done. The mustard colour of the wool and the natural wooden knitting needles kept my happy meter right up there and I got this project done in about a week. IMG_1561

It also has plaited tassel/cords which are hidden under my hair.

Lucky last was a large, but actually quite simple one. A macrame screen for the back door.


Emma from A Beautiful Mess made a beautiful macrame screen for her study, which I adapted to be an insect screen for our back door. I know it’s not going to be perfect, but I’m sure anything is better than the wide open space that we currently have when our back door is open.



The worst part was cutting up and attaching the cotton cord to the dowel. I’m pretty sure, even after measuring the pieces against each other, that each one is different. The macrame was dead easy, I used this tutorial here, but the ends leave a little to be desired. They’re all different lengths, but y’know what. I’m not perfect, life’s not perfect, so these ends aren’t perfect.





Look what I made: kitty and bunny catch alls

Kitty and bunny catch allI’m one of those people who forgets about, or can’t find things when they’re out of sight. Or even worse, I make a place to keep something but never end up using it. That means that catch alls, or boxes or bowls or display boards are perfect for me.

I saw these cute cat planters on Pinterest and was momentarily excited until I realised I had no plants to put in them. Note to self, get off my butt and buy more plants. Incidentally, where does one purchase air plants from?

Cat Planters

(Click through to see the Pinterest link)

Ding ding. Hello brain? These can be used as catch alls.

I was a little worried that the paint wouldn’t adhere to the plastic but I had no issues. I painted the outside of the bottles with acrylic paint, used acrylic paint for the pink ears and permanent marker for the facial features.

I’m not sure how the original planters are such a smooth white, maybe the bottles were already white or maybe they painted the inside. Who knows. All I know is that mine are pretty damn cute.

These two are currently residing on my bedside table holding assorted junk from inside a clutch and some cords.