So I eat some weird stuff…

As I was spreading some liverwurst onto some wholegrain crackers as a belated breakfast this morning I thought to myself “so I really do eat some weird stuff”. I have always been a bit of an odd eater. As a child, and as an adult too, I don’t find myself bouncing up and down excitedly to eat all those typical breakfast foods, or any food really before 9am. Eggs: meh, verging on gross. Cereal: maybe, but I’m not really a fan of the whole milk thing. Toast: In this house we don’t even own a toaster, so you can probably see how much we eat toast.


When I was younger I have some odd food memories, such as eating liverwurst on slices of apple. Yes this memory is why I decided to buy some recently. I also remember being scolded for eating crushed pineapple for breakfast by school teachers. There was also this thing with those Country Cheese biscuits which involved regurgitation that shouldn’t be mentioned ever again.

Half veg, half meat lasagne

Half vegetable, half meat lasagna

These days I suppose I eat more ‘normally’, with a few odd things thrown in here and there. Say, drinking the Chinese vinegar soy after the dumplings are gone. Ahem.


But let’s talk about all the great foods that are out there. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately from my beloved Pinterest:

  • Green Bean Avocado Fried Rice. This was yummy and oh so filling the other night.
  • Shaved Asparagus and Whipped Ricotta Pizza. I made this last night for Matty and his parents and we all loved it! It even got Matty and I to try asparagus.
  • Easy Lemon Curd. I made this lemon curd to fancy up (and to replace some very sad berries) on a pavlova for Easter.
  • Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes. We’ve made this recipe a few times now and I’m putting it on the list for this weeks meals.
  • One Pot Pasta. I accidentally left the leftovers of this on the bench all night and almost cried on my way home from work the next morning when I realised.
  • Vegetable Bake. This recipe is GOOD. Who knew that grating and combining a bunch of veggies (and adding cheese and bacon) would be so tasty.
  • Roasted Rosemary Almonds. Matty requests that I made these probably once every few months. They’re great for a so-hungry-i’m-going-to-die-whilst-i’m-cooking-dinner-snack.
  • Roasted Beet Hummus. This was the recipe that started my ‘I’m going to make all the hummus’ feeling.


So tell me about your weird food loves, or even hates. I wanna know!



Pinterest: What’s worked for me

I love Pinterest. I mean really love it. Once I spent so long pinning things that the website actually told me that it thought I was a spammer. Oops.

But sometimes pins have broken links, or don’t work out anywhere near as easily or as prettily as the pins suggest, so I thought I’d do a few posts on pins that I’ve tried out and given the seal of approval.

Cream Cheese Spinach

This cream cheese spinach by Things My Belly Likes is absolutely delish! I’m a bit of a ‘let’s read the recipe, but just use it as a guide’ kind of cook, so I may not have made mine with the exact amounts of each ingredients, or the exact same cooking time but I can definitely say that this was approved by both myself and my partner. Yum yum yum.

Roasted Rosemary Almonds / blog.jchongstudio.com

While I’m discussing food I’ll add that these Roasted Rosemary Almonds by Jennifer Chong have also been added to my recipe book. This is one of those recipes that I made and then had to exercise a very large amount of self control to stop myself from eating them right off the tray from the oven.

Yammie's Noshery: Marshmallow Krispie Brownies

Ok, last food pin (for the time being). Is the photo of these Marshmallow Rice Krispie Brownies by Yammie’s Noshery making you drool? I made these to take to my boyfriends parents house for dessert awhile ago and his Dad has already asked me twice to make them again. I also took them to a house warming BBQ where they were polished off mighty quick. A definite sugar coma food, but one that’s amazingly delicious.

Bubble Snake Maker

I work with children at before and after school care and this Bubble Snake Maker by Come Together Kids has been done at least twice now. Every time I get out the bubble mix and say we’re going to make bubble snakes the kids get super excited. The only downfalls that I’ve found are that the face washer and rubber band often pops off the top of the plastic bottles and the kids can’t seem to put it back on themselves, and that if the kids aren’t concentrating properly that they can suck the bubble mix into their mouth instead of blowing it out to make bubbles. I’d still recommend this idea though, it’s so much fun even for me!

Hama Lace Coaster

So this picture of lacy hama bead coasters by Bibouchka may just be a picture with no actual instructions, but I found it quite easy to make my own in a variety of colours. If you’ve made hama bead creations before you realise that the coaster is made on a round peg board and the rest is as simple as counting the number of beads in a row and copying the picture.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

My lucky last suggestion is this great idea of a Clay Pot Lighthouse by Completely Coastal. Again it’s just a few photos to spark the imagination, but it also gives a few links and suggestions as well. I made one for my parents with only minor difficulties of explaining to 3 men at Bunnings what I wanted to do and what the best way was to keep the paint from washing away. For those interested I purchased pot and ornament sealer to prepare the pots for painting and then clear acrylic gloss to seal the paint when I was done.

If you want to follow me on Pinterest I can be found at here and if you think I’d be interested in some of the things you pin let me know.