Film Photography (ha!)

I’ve loved photography for some time now. It probably started with MySpace when I realised that photos allowed you to save some really cool images. I must admit that as much as I love and can appreciate amazing photos, I’m just not that great at capturing them.


A few years ago now, Matty bought me a Holga camera as a present. A Holga is a ‘toy camera’ which is built to allow light leaks, blurring and vignette effects. It’s essentially a crap camera which now has a cult following.


There was a bit of a double exposure thing going on in this one

I am terrible at remembering to use it and bring it places with me. A camera just isn’t as convenient as a phone. But I did manage to pull it out for our recent engagement party. This is where the ‘ha’ in the title comes from.Isabell

I can, on occasion, take a pretty damn good photo on the Holga. I obviously didn’t take the shots above that I am featured in, but all the others were my doing.


A past roll of film from perhaps 2012?

I think that the better shots that I’ve gotten have come from using the flash in a dark space. It does also love bright bright sunlight, like the photo below.

skirts Teags



It’s also fun to use double (or triple) exposure. I really, really need to play with this more because the photo of Lucy turned out awesomely.

Lucy thrice

But back to the ‘ha’. I had the engagement photos developed and when I picked them up I couldn’t wait to get a look at them. Oh my. In trying to recreate a great roll of film from an earlier date, I had tried the method of surprise photography, where snapping photos right up in peoples faces and blinding them with the flash captured some real life moments. Please scroll down to see my amazing skills.

Bec group Jas Jen


At least I can say that the photos made it feel like you were really there.

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