Going to get maaarried

I am beyond happy. My wonderful partner Matty asked me to marry him on May 4th.


We decided fairly early on in our relationship that we were going to eventually get married. We’ve been living together for about 5 of the 6 years we’ve been together and we own a home together. It was inevitable.


Recently Matty had told me that he wanted to beat our friends and be the first to get engaged. Fine by me. I had a look at some rings at a commercial jeweler but nothing seemed very me. I wanted something unique that wasn’t too glitzy or over the top. I really wanted a ring that I had seen on Instagram by Marina Antoniou.


Matt planned the whole engagement perfectly. We had organised to go out as a group with my ‘posse’ and their partners for a fancy dinner on the Sunday night before we left for overseas. Little did I know that Matt had actually coordinated the whole thing and asked everyone to play along. The restaurant that had been chosen was close to Swinburne Uni where we met, so before dinner Matt said that we would take a walk through the park where he first asked me out. His pretense was that he was going to take me there for our upcoming anniversary, but seeing as we would be overseas on the actual date we would stop by before dinner.


He was the perfect gentleman whilst I sooked about it being cold and dark and a long walk to the restaurant. Then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, cried and said how beautiful the ring was without actually saying yes until Matt told me to put it on because his knee was getting wet. Haha.


When we joined the rest of the group in the restaurant we celebrated with champagne and I was politely told that all my close friends and family knew about the intended proposal and had been keeping in secret for some time.


It was really nice to be able to celebrate with our friends when it happened and then to make the rounds to the parents on the way home from the restaurant.


The ring is absolutely beautiful and Matty was amazing to organise it all so wonderfully. I’m just so happy that I am going to spend the rest of my life with him. He’s perfect.

P.S. The ring is the one that I originally had my heart set on. It’s hand crafted by the wonderful Marina Antoniou who was an absolute gem throughout the whole process.


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