Look what I made: grey fleecy cape

Let me begin by saying that I have a really big thing for textures. A friend once told me that she was going to follow me around when we were shopping because I touched all the nice things. I can’t help it. I love soft and nice feeling things. Like this fleece.


I’ve also been wanting to make a super warm poncho-esque top for awhile but the decision was whether to crochet or to sew it. Until now.

I’ve added some photos that I took whilst I made it this morning. Videos of me cursing because I sewed the hood inside out are unfortunately not included.


So I began by laying out a loose jumper to gauge the size of the entire cape and the neckline.


Then, scrounged up an old skirt pattern as a template for the gentle curve on each side.


This is the wonderfully cute pixie hood. I reused the ‘pattern’ if you will from the crocheted pixie hood that I made awhile back.


This is a wonderfully explanatory image of me using my sewing machine. I believe that I was stitching together the back of the hood.


This is me pinning a hem for the front section of the hood. This hem turned out wonderfully, whereas the neck hem looked stretched and horrible and led to me cutting the whole thing off and just leaving a raw edge.


The next step was to (incorrectly) pin the hood to the neckline of the cape and to sew it together.


Now I am cursing that I used such a close colour matching thread and I can’t see what is stitches and what is fabric as I unpick the ENTIRE BLOODY HOOD.


And this is the finished product. In the end I left all the edges raw except for the hood and I sewed two little 15cm or so lines at the bottom of the gentle curve to create “arm holes”.

Oh and I’ve just realised how professional the vacuum cleaner looks on the floor in the background of the mirror shots. Oh well, nothing is perfect!



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