As of this month I have two tattoos. Mine don’t have any super complicated back story and I didn’t get them to mark any significant time in my life, they exist just because I like them.

The first is of a little bird on my wrist. I just worked it out and I’ve had this one for 5 years, since 2009, wow. I got it because I think birds are funny. That’s it. I’m the one that tried to feed an ibis an m&m and that chased some cockatoos down the street because I wanted to watch them. Yep that’s me.

I’m not really sure how I sat through this tattoo. Not because it’s big or super intricate, but because I HATE having my wrists touched. I can’t even touch my own wrists, that’s how bad it is.

My second and newest tattoo is of an origami rabbit. This one can technically have more meaning. I wanted a rabbit tattoo after I got Billy, my first pet living out of home, and then I saw the perfect image from Hug A Porcupine.

It also works because I like crafty stuff and origami is one of my favourties.

Neither of these really hurt too much, and I got both done at the same shop in Nunawading. The second artist I had was much nicer than the first, who argued a bit too much about which way I wanted the bird to face. He had a point if I was planning to get other pieces on my arm, but I wasn’t.

I love both these little guys on my body.



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