Today I have no voice. For someone who talks A LOT this is a pretty big deal. I am lying a little bit though, I have a voice. A tiny little croaky whispery one. I hung out with my Mum today and that probably didn’t help. We like to chat. All day. From 9am until about 3pm we’re usually yammering on.

Loosing your voice is one of those things that seems great until it happens. Not like I’d try to make it happen, but in the way that you think about it and it seems… romanticised. Like scraped knees are a throwback to childhood, a husky voice seems all sexy and mysterious.

But actually I’m annoyed. I struggled at work this morning and didn’t go this afternoon. It’s pretty hard to keep control of about 30 kids if you can’t raise your voice. It’s also really tiring to try to force the words out. Just speaking to my parents and Matty had left my throat tired.

Being sick suuuucks.


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