Poor Billy

Snapchat of bunny feet under the curtain

Poor Billy had to make a trip to the emergency clinic last Thursday. I opened the laundry door to let him out for the afternoon and he just wasn’t himself. It seemed like he could barely walk and he didn’t want to move or eat or anything.

I had a feeling that it might have been a reaction to the corn that I had feed him the night before. He unhappy behaviour was similar way to the time that I fed him avocado. Note to all bunny owners: avocado is toxic to rabbits, and apparently corn isn’t that great either.

Rabbit in a carry cage

Poor Billy was left with his lunchbox at the vet for the rest of the day whilst I went home and had a little cry.

But it’s not all bad. Mum and Dad picked him up from the vet at the end of the day, because I had to go back to work, and were presented with this…

"fat rabbit"

“He appears to be a fat rabbit”. Oops. I may have been a little too generous with his food, especially the fruit leftovers from work. So this little stomach upset was caused by him being a bit of a heifer.

Bunny licks


So Mr. Billy is now on a limited fruit diet, and according to the vet he will have a sook about it and be a general 3 year old until he gets used to the idea.




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