Did you know: that I have an Etsy store?

Did you? I have a little button on the right side of my blog that says “I sell on Etsy” and I have a Facebook page for it, but did you really know? Have you ever looked at it? It’s got the same name as this blog, Billy & Elizabeth.

Hedgehog pincushionI love being crafty and making bits and pieces and it seemed that more and more people were telling me that I should be selling what I make, or that they’d totally buy it, or that I should definitely open an Etsy shop.

So I did. But now I’m not sure. I have some assorted jewelry, two phone cozies and a pincushion listed and have only had one sale (by a friend who was so lovely to pay for the shipping even though I could have just given it to her). That’s a bit of a bummer.

Silver hoops with a wooden blue bead and smaller silver beadsAre my items too ‘handmade’? Am I just adding to an already over saturated platform to sell crafts? Are my shipping prices too high?

I have no idea.

Billy and Elizabeth brown bag packagingAnother friend said that I hadn’t tagged my items correctly, which was the reason for low traffic and therefore sales. I’m looking at my item vs. an item that I’ve purchased myself and the tags seem pretty similar. Maybe it is the over saturation issue.

Natural wood bead earrings on silver hoops

Anyway, have a look at my shop if you’re interested, or not (I’m not trying to be pushy I swear!), and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.





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