A slice of pie

The past weekend was a long one to celebrate Australia Day so Matty and I packed Billy into his carry cage and headed down to Phillip Island, or PI(e) as it is affectionately called.


PI Colonnades We spent three blissful nights and four days at my parents holiday house in Cape Woolami, which is in between Newhaven (when you cross the bridge) and Cowes, for those of you playing at home.

Lots of beach walks. Lots of relaxing. Lots of eating fish and chips at Rhyll, which is the best place on the island to get them. Yep I said it. THE BEST.

Billy was even happy for the change of scene, even though he didn’t leave the house. He’s not your timid bunny, but more of an intrepid explorer, so sniffing and crawling around every inch of the house was an exciting holiday for him.

Matty at the colonnadesOn Australia Day we had Triple J’s Hottest 100 pumping and my parents came down with Lucy dog for a BBQ. Matty and I spent all afternoon lying on the back lawn and as a result got a fair bit burnt, as you’ll see below. Sorry skin.

I am burnt

After a false start, we even managed to catch a sunset over the water which was beautiful and a perfect end to the weekend.


Matty Colonnades GIF

I’ll just leave this GIF of Matty down at the Colonnades beach right here.











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