Welcome to existence little blog

Welcome to existence little blog. I’m hoping that on these pages that I’ll be able to share with you the things in life that make me happy.

There will be crafting. So much crafting. I love me some craft. I love sitting in the little room of my house with the light steaming in from the front window, on the floor with beads and buttons and clay and pencils and goodness knows what else spread around me. I love finding inspiration on Pinterest and using those ideas to spark my imagination. I love walking through the craft shop, or even through the two dollar shop and seeing patterns and shapes or fabric or cotton which I can envisage turning into something really special.

I want to share snippets of my life. I want to share with you goals and dreams and just the great parts of life. The funny little quirks that my rabbit, Billy, amuses me with. The exciting things that are happening in my world. The beginning (and hopefully growth) of my Etsy shop, Billy & Elizabeth. The special times.

I’m hoping that you will find something here that takes your fancy.



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